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Z1 gauge mount

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If you've ever wanted to add a VDO 52mm gauge to your Z1 but didn't know where to mount it here's one solution - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3473236
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Re: Z1 gauge mount

Post by Stoertie »

Hi Felix,

My talk, 3D printing is awesome.
Nice thing, but a question of taste... A LCD would fit much more better at that place I think.

Some time ago I designed a solution for the ashtray. In BMW style, driver-oriented with three 48mm instruments and two USB charging sockets.
(167.08 KiB) Not downloaded yet
(134.26 KiB) Not downloaded yet
Men of steel driving cars of plastic! :-D

Sorry, for my poor english... schooltime is already a few years ago, but I try to do my very best! :-D

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