How much do you like your Z3

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Re: How much do you like your Z3

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My Z 3 3.0i is the culmination of a lifetime's obsession with older cars . Morris Minor tourer , MG B , two ground up rebuilds 1947 Singer 4 A B ,
1949 Rover P3, Rover P6 B V 8 [a silly little car full of complex engineering solutions to non existent " problems" ]
1962 E type Jaguar , a real heart breaker and bottomless money pit
1973 Jensen Interceptor 11, The Black Country's answer to Aston Martin. A gorgeous Brick Outhouse of a car , huge Chrysler V 8 with a 12 mpg thirst if you enjoyed the performance !
1979 Fiat 124S convertible ,the car which MG should have built.
Now I have a 2001 Z 3.0 i ,[ Buggerlugs } bought from the the original owner with 200,000 km; mostly highway miles on it , with a file of bills going back to purchase .
A three hour pre purchase inspection showed no problems, the garage freed the driver's seat which was stuck in the fully raised position.
I marveled at the super clean underside with NO oil leaks , and bought it for a little more than the Fiat sold for .
My wife gave it the ultimate complement , " Just like a two seat convertible Jensen !"
Older son said " 3 litre Beemer , they'll have your licence in no time " younger son wondered why "Any one would need A/C in a convertible ?"
I think it's a classic in waiting ,handsome from all angles,sons both declare it to be " the ultimate chick magnet" , well engineered [ 48 fuses and counting , eat your heart out Joe Lucas } , fast, luxurious , goes like clappers and corners like I dunno what ,power top which is storm proof,etc etc
I could bore for Canada talking about this car
I do have a few gripes
The rear view mirror is too big , the interior is like a black bag , pathetic instruments ,non adjustable steering wheel ,only Germans could design leather seats which look as if they were made from Russian PVC .
This one is a keeper !

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Re: How much do you like your Z3

Post by Gazza »

I love mine :D

Started off with a 2.8 back in 2005 and then changed to a S54 M Roadster in 2006, still got that car and no thoughts of parting with it :D :D :D :D

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