Rear brake shoe fixing

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Rear brake shoe fixing

Post by Del » Sun 11 Sep, 2016 12:37

Has anybody found a simple solution for this issue? My rear brake inside backing plates are in quite good condition but there is a small amount of rust where the brake shoe retaining pin goes in, sufficient to stop it holding properly. There are many generic brake “washers” on the market but they tend to be flat whereas the Z3 design involves a concave recess so that really you need a concave brake pin retaining washer? I'm trying to avoid stripping everything down to fit new backing plates :D

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Re: Rear brake shoe fixing

Post by Brian H » Sun 11 Sep, 2016 17:06

You can reverse engineer this by getting long brake shoe pins, washers and springs, fit the pins though the rear of the backing plate, through the brake shoes, pop on the spring and then the retaining washer.

Thi pins I am talking about are in the image below.


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