Return of the Z

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Return of the Z

Post by Amz »

So I am back again on the Z scene, having sold my 2.2 black beauty a few years back, I really wanted to get back into a Z3 :D

So a few months back I aqquired a rare spec'd Z3 3.0i (I have been following this car for years). Some of you may remember LakesLee owning this.

The spec as follows -

3.0i Steptronic gearbox (The car is amazingly quick in full auto mode and interestingly 0-60 times are same as driving it in manual). I have heard the steptronic gearbox is one of the best built on the market.

Full BMW Aero body kit factory fitted from new by BMW (very rare)
(None I have across that had the aero kit fitted from factory). Would like to know if there any other members on the forum with the full aero kit?

AC Schnitzer 18 Inch Three Split alloys (rare) wrapped with brand new Falkens all round.

AC Schnitzer racing suspension kit fitted by BMW.

AC Schnitzer Roll Hoops (rare)

BMW matching colour hardtop

BMW M Wing Mirrors

BMW M Side Grilles

Front Dinan strut brace

Strong butt struct brace

Gruppe M Air Filter

Einsmann Racing exhaust

Becker Grand Prix head unit

Will be adding some images soon. (Booking her in for a photoshoot in the very near future).

The car is in fantastic condition but being a bit anal, there are a few things I want to sort out on the car and bring her back to as perfect condition. Watch out for my project thread soon.

The car hasnt been much advertised by the previous owners and the lovely chap I bought her off, told me the same. So I will be hoping to show her off this year and see you lovely folks on as many future events :)

Glad to be back 8-)


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Re: Return of the Z

Post by Gazza »

Looking forward to the pics, I remember the car, have the previous owners added anything ?

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Re: Return of the Z

Post by Del »

Welcome back - your new one does sound like a rare one indeed :D

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Re: Return of the Z

Post by lightning »

Any pictures of this Z3 yet?

Sounds pretty special from the description.

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Re: Return of the Z

Post by Woody1000 »

Never had any intention of selling Brutus but glad his gone to a like minded enthusiast, sometimes a change is as good as a rest !! In the couple of years I owned it the car wanted for nothing and I always went for the best like the Stewart water pump twice as expensive as a standard but I always thought the car was worth it

Will be keeping an eye on this thread With interests

Enjoy the car and be safe.

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