Z3 1.9 2001 - Throttle Cable free play

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Z3 1.9 2001 - Throttle Cable free play

Post by Harrymail » Thu 14 Jun, 2018 22:07

Hi All

Fitted a new throttle cable today to sort out a jerky accelerator pedal. I noticed when I took the old cable off there was no free play and it was fully adjusted. On fitting the new one there is not enough free play and consequently the throttle is part open a tad, so I have a high tickover which I cannot adjust out on the cable. I have checked I have the correct cable. I cant back the cable adjuster off anymore it is at its limit. Checking the old and new cable there is about 3mm difference in free play. But surely the adjustment should be able to allow for this. Shouldn't the adjuster be mid way on a new cable ?

Anybody else had the same problem on the facelift 1.9 M43 engine ?


Z3 2001 1.9 Hellrot II Red

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