P1747 and P0600 With Trans Fail Safe

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P1747 and P0600 With Trans Fail Safe

Post by spyderwire » Fri 15 Jun, 2018 21:17

So, something weird with my Z3. I love my car... but today, and a few others...... I want to bury it. I don't know what the hell the problem is with it, but it will pull a P01747 and a P0600 code when the day is hot and the car has been left in the sun... The tach goes dead, and the temp gauge pegs itself in the red right when the key is turned on, even when the engine hasn't been turned on for hours and hours but it has been sitting in the sun, the transmission goes into limp mode with the EML, DCS, and transmission cog light lighting up in yellow. Now, when it's cool out, the car will run like a champ no matter what I do to it or how long I drive it (tried it last night for an hour or so) with no lights or fault codes to be found. As I said though, on a hot day like yesterday (it happened to me as I got off work), the first turn of the key lights up the dash and the car goes into limp mode. This is really frustrating and I am hoping someone else has played this little game with their Z and can give me a hint. All of the codes and lights used to go away when it sits in a cold area long enough, sometimes they would come on, and then go away... Now however, this morning, it is just on. They won't go away.

I pulled the ABS module out because I read that with it out, if the module is actually the problem, I could send it in to get rebuilt and still drive the car. The trans fail safe should have gone away and the ABS will come on. However, I removed the ABS unit and nothing happened but the ABS light came on also... So, now I come to the crowd looking for answers.

Can anyone help?

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