Innovative solution to droopy roof/window sealing

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Innovative solution to droopy roof/window sealing

Post by Southernboy » Tue 03 Jul, 2018 14:03

After making all the possible adjustments to get the window to seal effectively against the roof rubbers, and using gummi pflege and adding a couple of shims under the metal frames holding the rubbers, I stumbled across a piece of 20mm round neoprene sponge extrusion I had bought some while back for another application. I used a sharp blade and split it into two down the length 2 pieces of 1/2 round sponge rubber sections.
I removed the 3 roof rubber sections on the driver side and using an "artists" scalpel blade, I cut open one end of each roof rubber part around the curved edge leaving the straight edge intact and still attached. I then cut the one end of the neoprene to the correct angle and shoved it down the hollow interior of the roof rubbers. When it was all the way in, I trimmed the end still sticking out to the correct angle, used some superglue liquid and resealed the "flap" at the end of each roof rubber.
Stuffing the neoprene down the hollow made the outer diameter of each roof rubber fill out as if it were new. It also added a comfortable amount of resilience without being hard. I re-fitted all the rubbers to the roof frame, and I'm very happy that the window glass now seals effectively all around.
It's a bit fussy getting the neoprene down the curved roof rubber, but with persistent patience it's do-able.
I only had enough to do the one side and in searching online for more, I came across a local UK supplier which some of you might like to contact for the same product.
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