Scraping noise behind steering wheel

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Scraping noise behind steering wheel

Post by Richieroo » Sat 14 Jul, 2018 22:18

Wonder if anyone can help? When I turn the steering wheel there is a scraping noise as it passes a particular position of the wheel. Happens turning both ways. Have looked and lubricated where I can see moving parts but hasn’t worked.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it might be and how to cure it?


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Re: Scraping noise behind steering wheel

Post by siwilson » Sun 15 Jul, 2018 19:50

There are a couple of things that can cause this. Either the slip-ring at the top or more likely the spring and bearings at the bottom of the steering column. The spring gets wet and loses all lubrication. Its tough, but you can get in there with a hand full of grease or a long pipe and some spray grease. if you think it might be the slipping then off with the steering wheel and spray some dry lubricant into the slip-ring.
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Re: Scraping noise behind steering wheel

Post by BeemerBoyo » Mon 16 Jul, 2018 07:27

Happened to my 2002 2.2 sport few years ago. It got worse and worse. Tried lubricating the coupling in the engine bay, dry graphite in the slip ring assembly. Nothing helped. In my case it was the slip ring that had failed. Can only describe it as a graunching sound to the left and right of the straight ahead centered position. AW Autoworks in Teesside did mine, I think the part was about £120 plus fitting. Apparently the springs had start to unravel and that was the issue. Just wear and tear I am afraid.
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