Gearbox oil, again!

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Gearbox oil, again!

Post by Zedbedee » Sat 08 Sep, 2018 08:28

I’ve completed the gearbox oil change using Westway MTF-LT-2 bought from Ebay for £8.99 a litre which is cheap. You can see the spec which matches RealOEM and appears to have the same viscosity as the old oil. This oil is synthetic which the original oil certainly wasn’t. To be fair though the old oil was not that bad, just slightly discoloured and slightly down on quantity.
I've always believed that I had a Getrag gearbox as online research indicated that the smaller engined cars, including my V reg 2.0 litre, used the Getrag tranny with 18mm fill and drain plugs, and the larger engines used the ZF with 17mm fill and drain plugs. The gearbox in my 2.0 litre has 17mm fill and drain plugs so still not sure which it is!!
I did the change with the car driven up onto ramps with no problems. The plugs are very tight and it’s wise to make sure you can undo the filler before undoing the drain plug, the plugs have tapered threads and I added a light smear of RTV gasket sealer when replacing. I adapted an old garden sprayer to get the oil in which worked a treat with no drama. A drain and fill takes a little over 1 litre so two bottles are needed.
Hope this helps someone.

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