Side window leaks.

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Do you have leaky window sealing issues

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Driver side (Right side)...
Passenger side....
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Side window leaks.

Post by Southernboy »

I would be interested to find out how many Z3 owners have water coming in through one or both windows. We are all quite familiar with the A pillar sealing issue and how to sort that one easily. What I'm interested in is how many drivers have water getting in because the window can't / doesn't seal against the roof rubbers, or the rubbers themselves are no longer sealing at their contact faces.
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Re: Side window leaks.

Post by Warrior »

I've clicked on Drivers side but am not entirely sure if it's a door seal or the pillar which was sorted a couple of years ago. Fortunately it's barely a drip or two.

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Re: Side window leaks.

Post by Alfie »

Try applying 'Gummi pfledge' to the rubbers.
I have an old BMW branded tube which works wonders in 'plumping up' the rubbers and fixing the leaks, but I think the original formula was withdrawn because of a suspected health risk. There is a modern equivalent of the same name, but I don't know how effective it is.
Got to be worth a try though.... :)

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Re: Side window leaks.

Post by domross »

Silicone lubricant spray works the same as Gumpifledge, it expands the rubber slightly, cheaper and easier to obtain alternative.
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