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accelerator pedal

Post by mickdev » Fri 16 Nov, 2018 07:29

After owning my 1.8 Z3 for 4 years now, I can honestly say its been four years of very pleasurable motoring, she is in very good nick and has been very reliable.
My only bug bear is the accelerator pedal it sticks on first contact when pushing the pedal, leading to jerky set offs, has any one else got this problem? or any solutions?

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Re: accelerator pedal

Post by mrscalex » Fri 16 Nov, 2018 08:03

I would guess it might be the throttle cable getting old and sticky. Rather than the pedal.
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Re: accelerator pedal

Post by petecossie » Fri 16 Nov, 2018 15:03

Sometimes removing the cable and giving a good oiling may improve it (it might of dried out and be sticking). Failing that if no provment, just get a new replacement cable, not a big job to install.
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Re: accelerator pedal

Post by Fender2004 » Sat 17 Nov, 2018 14:19

I oiled my pedal cable a while ago now, and it made a great difference.

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Re: accelerator pedal

Post by mickdev » Mon 19 Nov, 2018 10:06

Thanks will try the cable

John Wilson
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Re: accelerator pedal

Post by John Wilson » Mon 26 Nov, 2018 11:58

I would go for a new cable rather than oiling. They are not expensive and the improvement is so dramatic that its like driving another car. Its pretty easy to replace with the only tricky bit is attaching the ball end of the cable which you cant see but have to feel where the slot is that the ball goes behind. I suggest that before taking the old one off that you feel the position so you know it when the new one goes on.

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