Into year 4...

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Into year 4...

Post by Benw123 » Mon 04 Mar, 2019 16:28

2019 marks my fourth year of Z3 ownership. It's been on SORN over winter, when I did have brief thoughts of selling, but thankfully I recovered and feel much better now!

The car passed its MoT earlier this month but with some advisories around an oil leak - I reckon some stray drops from the last service - and tyres. These are only five years old but have a couple of cracks in them with age, despite being in otherwise great condition.


Over winter, in addition to the oil service I changed the air filter too. I've also silicon-sealed the third brake light with translucent sealant as it was leaking water in rain. While there, I noticed half the bulbs had blown or were rusty so swapped them for LED ones, having to use a drill to widen the bulb aperture a little. I added some drainage holes to the battery recess as that too sometimes fills with water if it rains hard. The hood is fine but water does get into the boot. I also need to get the spare tyre sorted as I discovered the valve had a leak.

Otherwise, it's just about enjoying the car this year. Purchased 12 months tax at the start of March and will probably run it to the end of October again. Plus hopefully no further dark thoughts of changes. Onward!
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Re: Into year 4...

Post by Gazza » Mon 04 Mar, 2019 19:40

I only ever thought of selling mine once, I’ve owned this one for 14 years now :D

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Re: Into year 4...

Post by BeemerBoyo » Wed 06 Mar, 2019 06:17

Our Taffy was registered in Swansea hence his name. We have had him for 5 years now making him 17 years old in May. Part of the family! The wife would not let me sell him. I have spent more on him than he cost and recently insured him with the BMW car club insurance for an agreed value of £8,000 if he gets stolen or written off. Your boot leaks are more than likely to be the seals around the rear lights and could also be the main boot seal. All needs checking. Tyres, you will have to bite the bullet as when they get to six years old they are at the recommended replacement age and if the cracks get worse you will fail the MOT. Not to mention your stopping distances will have deteriorated significantly due to less grip. Enjoy your motor, mines out now with just a number plate bulb to
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Re: Into year 4...

Post by Fender2004 » Wed 06 Mar, 2019 11:22

Had mine for eleven years now, and the car is just how I want it, although I always have to buy ‘stuff’ for it. The car is now 22 this year so not doing to bad.

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Re: Into year 4...

Post by Z3andZ4 » Thu 07 Mar, 2019 11:50

Now into year 7 of my ownership of my 18 year old.

110,000 miles and flew through latest MOT with only brake pipe advisory.

Bought as a runaround to save taking the Z4M coupe to the shops and 65,000 miles later I couldn't be happier.

Never let me down, bought winter wheels and tyres but otherwise minimal expense.

A helpful member on here helped me with a replacement undertray as one of those shark teeth car park humps removed it!! Am in correspondence with the NHS hospital as the bump was way too aggressive...........not holding out any hope of getting a sensible response from their car park manager as when I initially contacted him I got the jobsworth, it's legal, correctly fitted etc etc, but the way he repeated this all suggested he had a script to hand, so I am confident there have been other complaints.

Hoping for many more years of joy from the Z's.
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