215/40r17 Tire Size

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215/40r17 Tire Size

Post by zielritter » Sun 12 Jan, 2020 19:57

I'm running some cheap 225/45r17 tires right now that came with the wheels I got. Wheels are Konig 17x7.5 with a 35 offset.

I'm going to upgrade to some nice summer tires and would like to switch to a lower profile 215/40. I'm lowered with HR springs and get a bit of rubbing on the front plastic fender when going over bumps. I figure a slightly lower profile tire would look good and prevent the rubbing. Also, would give me a bit more pep off the line with a higher final drive ratio.

Basically, I'm looking to see it others have ran this size tire and if you have any pics or advice to share.


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