Headlight problem

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Headlight problem

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On one headlight I have cracked height adjustment (broken circle for hexagon bolt and large circle.)...

Can I fix it to replace the whole rear part?Or?

Does anyone here have that part? Or a headlight in bad shape?

Issue is on left headlight and that is from the LHD vehicle....


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Re: Headlight problem

Post by pingu »

PM Bertiejaffa.

He may have some damaged lights. I don't know if it's a bit he wants to keep, but you can only ask.

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Re: Headlight problem

Post by LaRy »


Why not just order a new one, the hexagon bolt number 63121387026 original part, price 3.42 EUR. No big money. Search at internet for BMW 63121387026, and you will find plenty of places selling this, including BMW.

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Re: Headlight problem

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Isn't it nice being able to buy down to component level?
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