Knock on gear changing

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Knock on gear changing

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I have mentioned this problem sometime in the past, but never got around to investigating it. My car is a 2000 Z3 3.0i with a genuine 36,000 miles on the clock. It looks well, and goes well, and since replacing the gearbox shift pins it has a nice slick and positive gear change. All in all it is a nice car but is spoiled by an annoying clunk on gear changing especially in the lower ratios. It feels like transmission wind up on accelerating that is being released when the clutch is pressed. When I replaced the shift pins some time ago, I examined the prop shaft centre bearing and flexible rubber drive both of which appeared to be OK.
My only concern was the amount of backlash at the differential. I have not measured it, but it seams to be excessive. Much more than my other car.
Can anyone say what the angular backlash might be expected to be. It is fitted with a Torsen limited slip system. At present it is languishing inside its carcoon but as the weather warms up I intend to investigate the problem. Any advice or opinions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.

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