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Hello, Just bought my Z3 2litre and looked at spare wheel. Does anyone use Ultraseal or similar to guard against punctures? Where does one put the old tyre when changing to the emergency wheel as it won't fit where the emergency one fits? I plan doing long (3000+ miles) continental runs and don't want to be stranded.

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Re: Punctures

Post by NZ00Z3 »

The flat tyre goes on the passengers seat. If there is a passenger in the seat, then they have the flat tyre on their knee.

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Re: Punctures

Post by motco »

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Re: Punctures

Post by Desiro »

Get some good breakdown cover and have it repaired or replaced on site if you are unlucky enough to have a puncture.

If you are taking your car abroad, then set off on the right foot with newish tyres and the car serviced. I have learned this the hard way :)

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Re: Punctures

Post by Parki »

I carry bungee straps to hold flat wheel into the boot - never tried it (touch wood) so don't ask me what straps to what!
I do also carry puncture repair spray but sounds tricky to use on a wet dark night? should fit my boot rack.
Have read some people have hidden wheel in hedges & collect it later!

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Re: Punctures

Post by Mike Fishwick »

Remember that in France everything closes from Saturday lunchtime to Monday lunchtime! Mobile phone coverage can be very patchy in the countryside.

It is worth carrying a good footpump in case of slow punctures, making sure that your tyres have lots of tread depth, and perhaps having the tytres treated with Ultraseal.

The best emergency preperation is to make sure that you know how to get the skinny spare wheel out, and that it is fully inflated. I covered 530 miles on mine, fitted in place of a 245-40 X 17, from Boulogne to Daglan, with no problems but a slight pull to one side on power on/off.

There should be a nice white poly bag in the boot, to keep the passenger's knees clean for the rest of the journey . . .
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