Fog Light Sizes?

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Fog Light Sizes?

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I need to replace the fog lights on my 98 1.9, pre-facelift, as the originals have been removed and replaced with metal mesh. Just wondering if it's one size fits all, or are there different sizes of fog lamps for this model?
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Re: Fog Light Sizes?

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Put the last 7 digits of your VIN number into the search tool on this site. This will let you search for part numbers specific to your car. Once you have found the part number, click on it, the the site will show you what other cars use the same part.
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Re: Fog Light Sizes?

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All Z3 share the same size fog lights (the blanks next to them vary depending on the shape of the bumper). Some Z3 have no fogs (can be retrofitted easily) and have big blanking plates. Z3M, as far as I know, had no front fogs due to the unique shape of the aggressive front bumper.
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