Generic Heated Seat Pad - Retrofit

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Generic Heated Seat Pad - Retrofit

Post by Jay-Dee-ZA »

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, I cant find answers to the same situation.

I want to retrofit heating pads to my existing (recently re-upholstered) seats. I was looking at a something similar to this --> ... 4799142955

I have a 98 2.8L wide body. I have already purchased the pre-facelift heated seat switches. When plugging them in, they light up correctly when pressed, so now I want to work out what is next. Hopefully someone has gone through this already and can give me some advice.
  • Can one connect a generic set of pads to the cars existing wiring?[
  • Do I need to add any relays or should I use the temperature protection relay that comes in the kit?
  • Any suggest heating pad kits over the one above?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Generic Heated Seat Pad - Retrofit

Post by colb »

If you are retro fitting the heated seat pads they will need connecting into the stock wiring you may have in your car tucked away in the centre console area. You will probably need to make up a connector to suit the aftermarket pads connections to fit the stock wiring. I think you will also need a relay added in the fuse box for the heated seat circuit, it was not fitted if the car left the factory without heated seats.
I have a set of pads that will be fitted into my Z4, will be using the kit switches when I do, did consider using the stock wiring but decided its less hassel using the kit as it comes.
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