Washer reservoir damage

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Washer reservoir damage

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Hi, I have replaced my screenwash reservoir twice now in my 2.2 lit 6cyl z3. The plastic bracket that attaches the bottle to the bulkhead keep separating from the bottle, leaving the bracket attached to the bulkhead and the reservoir bottle wobbling around. On the bottom of the reservoir is a plastic stump, which sits in a hole in the engine bay bodywork. It looks like there should be a rubber bung or something to cushion the mounting of the reservoir. Has anyone else seen this failure? Thanks
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Re: Washer reservoir damage

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There are a few types of reservoirs but there seems to be an issue with the reservoirs that are mounted to the bulkhead. The hole in the engine bay bodywork should have a rubber bung part number 61668360138. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a spare one online. The issue with the reservoir is the plastic mounting is not part of the reservoir but plastic welded to it. This is solidly mounted to the bracket on the bulkhead. I have put rubber between the plastic mounting and the bulkhead mount to reduce vibrations. Be aware that there are a few types of tanks with some mounted to the inner wing. 61608383541 and 61608381483 (for vehicle with headlight cleaning system) look identical but the latter has one extra hole in the tank. Very easy to get the wrong one as I have learnt the hard way😊

Has anyone else had an issue with the reservoir?
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