MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

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MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

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I know this has been discussed back and forth over the years but I am unable to find any full success stories or answers and am hoping that someone knows or can help

I am about to embark on fitting a Multifunction Steering Wheel to my 1998 Z8 (pre-facelift, single stage airbag & pre-drive by wire throttle). The wheel has come off a E39 also with single stage airbag and is including the slip-ring.

The radio is not going to be an issue (hopefully), as I know this connects directly to pin 7 on the back of my CD43 unit. I know I need to power the buttons for back lighting but what I don't know is the cruise control side of things.

My car does not currently have cruise control, so I will need to retrofit it. This is a simply enough task and parts are almost all available easily off eBay... The question comes in, is the Z3 module compatible with the steering wheel? I know on the E36 side, some of the guys have removed the steering column stalk and only used the buttons but once again, I am not sure of module there. On the E39, it supports both stalk and wheel but I am almost sure this is a different module and I don't know if either of them (E39 or E36) support the Z3 manual throttle cable cruise control

Anyone able to offer some advice?
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Re: MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

Post by Fender2004 »

If you go to and put the part numbers in, it will tell you what cars the parts were used on.
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