GRP outer sills

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GRP outer sills

Post by Jones67 »

My outer sills are starting to need some attention I'm Just wondering if anyone has replace the originals with a GRP set?

The is a set being offered on E Bay from classic coach works just wondering if the fit without any fettling.
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Re: GRP outer sills

Post by murray »

Hi, I have just replaced the sills both sides after the motman spotted corrosion to the chassis within 30CM distance of the seat belt anchors which is a major fail, the bottom of the sill had corroded away, cleaned and touched up the chassis like new, no major corrosion found, 2000 year of make
They arrived well packed and fitted extremely well thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the upstands etc, can recommend them from classiccoachworks.
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Re: GRP outer sills

Post by Robert T »

What is the price difference? I had to do similar to mine last year and fitted new BMW sills at £120/side with free delivery, which I didn't think were too badly priced. The rear quarter panels were significantly more expensive.

Cheers R.

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