Lambda Probe Test Interpretation Help

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Lambda Probe Test Interpretation Help

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Hi there, hoping someone can help.

Car is a 99 2.0 manual
Every once in a while I get a really rough idle from cold or a really rich smelling exhaust fume.
The other day I went to move the car around the drive after a long drive, maybe half hour or so after turning off the engine and it was running really rough. But no EML light. Went to start it the next day and all was fine.

Thought I'd read the fault codes on INPA and see if I got a missfire code or anything, but instead found a few lambda faults on bank 1 and 2

I did a lambda probe test and got the results in the pic below.
They dont look right to me but I really dont know how to interpret them.

Do I basically have some fault lambda sensors pre or post cat?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
Lambda probe test.jpg
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