Leaks from crankcase and coolant expansion

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Leaks from crankcase and coolant expansion

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Hi guys and girls,

Hope you're all keeping well and have been busy enjoying your cars in the well overdue nice weather.

My Z3 went in for an MOT on Saturday 29 May and sailed through with no advisories - not bad for a 20yr old car!

However, could smell coolant on the way home so waited for the engine to cool before examining. On lifting the bonnet, I had a couple of observations visible here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing:

1) The coolant expansion tank was leaking from the cap and weeping from the adjoining hoses;
2) A bit of oil coating the intake manifold and visible on injector 2 (shown in pics)

I checked the levels of both fluids and note they were both slightly above max. Assume this could be the cause of the coolant leak with increased pressure in the expansion tank due to excess fluid. The oil is also slightly above max on the dipstick, so is that likely to be the cause? Or something more serious such as impending head gasket?

I should point out that all fluids were replaced in April at BMW main dealer - seems the knowledge and expertise on pre-2006 cars has gone slightly array!

Lesson learned - don't assume it's been serviced correctly because it's been to main dealer.

Will be getting booked in at my local specialist to investigate.


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