Vacuum on 2000 3.0i

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Vacuum on 2000 3.0i

Post by 4wheels »

i had a misfire, and whilst investigating, changed many things, like injector position, coils... orings, seals.... removed the inlet manifold too!

so by doing this, found a lot of the seals were past their best, and the vacuum hoses also past their best or not there!

a while ago i removed the 2nd air intake system and plugged the vac hose at the front of the engine.

i also plugged by the exhaust pipe that vac hose so the exhaust flap was open all the time.

real OEM says there should be some caps on the back of the manifold, but they weren't there... probs fell off i guess.
so ive plugged them back up.

so the questions are;.....
without the 2nd air and exhaust, do i need any of the small vac pipes?
theres a vac pipe to the fuse box... why? and where should the other end be connected to?
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Re: Vacuum on 2000 3.0i

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I think the vacuum pipe going to the fuse box provides a signal proportional to throttle opening for the trip computer, to help calculate fuel consumption.

Other pipes are for the DISA valve, air Injection control valve (if fitted) brake servo, and crankcase breather. All the pipes are there for a purpose - remove them at your peril just because you do not know what they are for!
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