Headlight lenses

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Headlight lenses

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Hi All,

I have a 2001 Z3 which has foggy headlights. They have previously been polished but the fogginess has returned. One of them also has a deep scratch. I would like to replace the lenses and wondered if it's possible to buy these separately from the headlight units? I've considered the aftermarket angel eye option but would prefer to keep the original look if possible. Does anyone know whether it's possible to buy replacement lenses please?

Failing that, if anyone has a near-mint set of used ones I'd be happy to buy them.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: Headlight lenses

Post by 137699 »

I had mine polished & then paint protection film applied - seems to have prevented them going hazy again so far.
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Re: Headlight lenses

Post by Mike Fishwick »

You seem to be confused and confusing! The prismatic 'Lenses' are made of glass so willl not become scratched, whereas the headlamp covers are made of moulded polycarbonate and will become scratched if care is not taken when cleaning them.

The covers will become milky if cleaned with any hydrocarbon compound - but as this is on the outside it should clean off with a proper polycarbonate cleaner, which is available on Ebay.

And no - replacement covers are not available. The Z3 seems to be the only E36 model for which headlamp components are not sold seperately.
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Re: Headlight lenses

Post by Warrior »

Has anybody tried Duxback headlight cleaner from Eurocarparts?

No sanding required, seems too good to be true?

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