How to identify engine size

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How to identify engine size

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Hi all, I bought what I thought was a 2.2 litre Z3 from interstate (Australia) and upon looking up the VIN found it was 2.0 litre! Is there any other way of finding out the engine size which has the # 206S421369363? Thanks
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Re: How to identify engine size

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In Europe at least, the 2.2 M54 engine uses an inlet manifold with 'figure of eight' shaped inlet branches, and catalytic converters mounted on the exhaust port ends of the headers.

The 2 litre M52tu models use a manifold with smaller circular inlets, and cats mounted in the exhaust pipes under the floor.

All the 2.2 engines I have seen which have air conditioning are not fitted with a viscous coupling-driven cooling fan, leaving the AC condensor fan to do the work.

The 2.2 is a 'Drive by wire' engine, so does not have a throttle cable.
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Re: How to identify engine size

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This info maybe help you: ... ion-codes/
Anyway, the first 4 digits 206S stands for 2.0 litre, 6 cylinder, 4 valve,
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