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E10 Petrol

Post by Richi »

From next week, the new E10 petrol with 20% ethanol will be on the forecourts. The gov.uk website says all BMWs regardless of age are compatible?

https://check-vehicle-compatibility-e10 ... ce.gov.uk/

Any views ?
Mike Fishwick
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Re: E10 Petrol

Post by Mike Fishwick »

The government would not tell us that many older cars will be disadvantaged by use of E10, would they? BMW have stated that all their post-1986 models will be 'satisfactory' on E10, in that they will start and run on it, but a loss of performance will occur. Alcohol is a good anti-knock additive, but a poor fuel. Many pre-1986 cars, however, will not even start when using E10. Rermember that the ethanol content is a minimum, and many fuels exceed this.

Anyway - 95 octane of any type is best avoided, in favour of 98 octane, which will provide the rated power, and also improve fuel consumption, but such fuels are getting hard to find in many areas of the UK. I find that in the UK Shell V-Power does not provide the fuel consumption and generaL 'feel' found with Esso 95, Esso 97 being the best fuel I have found on my visits to the UK - but this may have changed now.

Here in France, we are seeing the introduction of E95, the pump carrying a warning that it must not be used in engines which are not designed for it . . . the shape of things to come.
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