workshop manual 2.0 litre

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workshop manual 2.0 litre

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Hi all, I have searched the net for a year 2000 2.0 litre workshop manual but no luck. anyone know where i can get one?
Mike Fishwick
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Re: workshop manual 2.0 litre

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I doubt if such a thing exists! You could buy a Bentley manual, which is based on the pre-Sept 1998 M52-engined cars, there not being many real differences except for the double VANOS cam drives, inlet, and exhaust systems - but frankly I would not bother!

Look at what you REALLY need, and buy theHaynes E36/46 manual, which gives a lot of appropriate information, and compliment this with the BMW CD set. This covers every car and motorcycle made since 1923, and comprises the parts list (ETK) workshop manuals, and wiring diagrams (grandly labelled as Electronic Troubleshooting Manual). These are not for those who want to be spoon-fed, but if you delve deep enough you find a lot of information.

If you have all three and add some intuition you will find a lot of good information - but take Bentley with a pinch of salt when the tell you to take the car to 'The shop' for quite mundane work. Bentley makes a lot of errors - just like Haynes. Have a look at my review of the Bentley book in the Z3 Knowledgebase.
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Re: workshop manual 2.0 litre

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Mike Fishwick wrote: Fri 03 Sep, 2021 12:59 compliment this with the BMW CD set
Where can I get one of those??
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Re: workshop manual 2.0 litre

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This is what you need - covers all Zeds up to 2002.
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