Squeal on startup - advice sought

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Squeal on startup - advice sought

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Hi all and a happy new year to everyone.

For a while now I've had an annoying squeal on startup from cold, it's worse in the winter, lasting for maybe 30 - 60 seconds, but in summer probably only lasts for 10 - 20 seconds. After these periods the squeal just suddenly cuts off, like somebody has flicked a switch.
I can definitely say that it's not the alternator, water pump or steering pump as have just removed both serpentine belts and the squeal was still there on start up, so I'm assuming it's something internal to the engine. Once the noise has gone the engine runs as per normal and doesn't occur on re-start until the engine has been left for a while eg overnight.

I've heard that the Vanos unit can make this kind of noise, could this be the problem and is it harmful to the running of the engine?
I've had my Z3 for 11 years or so now and it's been demoted to the weekend run around during the summer (gets SORN'ed every winter) and probably only sees around a 1000 miles a year, so if it's something that just makes a noise on startup but isn't detrimental to the engine then I'm prepared to live with it before sending the ol' girl to the big scrap heap in the sky 😢. I don't want get into spending big bucks and if it's a DIY job I might also be prepared to have a go as a bit of a retirement project!

BTW the car is a 2001 Z3 2.2 Sport

Thanks for listening, hope somebody can help!
TIA, wonderloaf
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