Any Z3 expertise near me?

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Any Z3 expertise near me?

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Hi Z’ers

I have a 3 litre Sports Roadster who celebrated her 20th birthday last Friday.

Somebody damaged her whilst parking last year and she is in having a front end re-spray etc etc. most of the bill is being paid for by the guilty parker, but as she avoided getting written off I have re-fallen in love with her and will am now committed to getting some overdue refurbs done. So fan blower resistor underway, but electric roof does not work.

To cut to the chase, before this goes on longer than Boris’ parties, anyone know anyone local to CM6 with Z3 knowledge/expertise? Either an individual or a garage who knows their Z3’s inside out?

Any Zeek owners near me CM6?

2001 Z3 3 litre Sport Roadster - titanium and special
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