Z3 1.9 Water Pump removal

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Z3 1.9 Water Pump removal

Post by MickZ3 »

The Water Pump on my Z3 1.9 started to be noisy, removed the drive belt and you could feel the play.
Tried to remove the Water pump using the jacking screws, under light pressure the casting cracked around both jack screw holes.
To remove the Water pump I made up a jig which attached to the front of the Water Pump, to protect the front of the engine I used wooden blocks with a metal plate to stop the jack screws entering the wood.
The water pump came out without any problem, the initial force was quite high.
It looks like the rubber O ring had hardened up and stuck to the engine.
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Re: Z3 1.9 Water Pump removal

Post by AndyT62 »

Good effort on the pump removal! I replaced the pump on my 1.9 last year...came out a lot easier than yours. I also replaced the timing cover gasket while I had the pump out which was leaking like a sieve. Had fun getting the crankshaft pulley bolt off but perseverance is required some times as I'm sure your aware. Cheers Andy.
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Re: Z3 1.9 Water Pump removal

Post by tonybaker »

when you put the pump back in, a thin smear of no seize lube on the bolts and rubber ring will help the next owner!
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