Z3 won't start

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Z3 won't start

Post by Voske73 »

Hello guys, my Z3 roadster from 1997 will not start anymore. At first I thought the battery was flat so I removed it and charged at home. When it was full I placed it back but the car still makes the same sound when trying to start. I have recorded the sound, maybe that helps to pinpoint the problem: https://youtu.be/afad3ySgbwE

I hope anyone knows what the problem could be as I'm a little bit lost at the moment. Thanks!
To add, the alternator has been revised a couple of months ago.
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Re: Z3 won't start

Post by LaRy »

First, read out the fault codes and write them down here.
I noticed that the tacho is showing no rpm at all, even with just the starting motor, it should show 400- 500 rpm. So, preliminary you have an electric problem.
Check fuses involved int the engine circuits.
Often the relays are now giving up in these cars, does the fuel pump start, if not, maybe the engine control relay is poor. Check it, maybe just by checking if it is clicking.
Same for the unloader relay.
Those relays are found under the hood, in the box on right hand side. If you let someone turn on the ignition, you can feel or hear if those relays are working as soon as ignition is turned on.
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