Airbag light woes, please help!

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Airbag light woes, please help!

Post by mogrossey »

Aright guys I'm at my wits end. Definitely have done my searches and my research. Here's the issue:

I've got 2 error codes being thrown in INPA/code reader. I'm a first time poster long time lurker so I'll see if I can figure out how to link the pic.
Codes are:

26 seat occupied recognition (SBE1)
2 ignition circuit ZK1 -> belt tensioner driver

So, based on my research I'm thinking seat occupancy sensor on the passenger seat and the belt tensioner on the driver side.
Based on all the reading I've done, I've pulled these seats like over 10 times.

For the belt tensioner issue: I've cleaned all the contacts. I've replaced the harness from the tensioner to the floor with a new part. I've put in multiple different belt tensioners sourced from redline autoparts. Every time I try something new, I go into INPA and clear the code under E36/airbag and it pops again within 5 seconds.

For the seat occupancy sensor. I purchased an emulator from Ebay that came in a pack of two. I've tried multiple SBE 1 modules with multiple combinations of the two emulators (they are identical). I bought a lightly used harness and re-spliced any damaged connections. They all look great now, no cracked plastic, clean contacts.

What am I doing wrong. I've replaced all the relevant parts at the seat section. Am I using INPA wrong? Full disclosure, I've been trying to teach myself the software, I was able to successfully program a new lateral acceleration module with INPA and Tool32. Is there a way to check the wires with a multimeter I'm missing?

Any help is appreciated: I love the car, got it for pretty dirt cheap and have been rebuilding it from the ground up.

One last question, with those two error codes, are the airbags functional, as I understand it is a fail on system but maybe I'm wrong.


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Re: Airbag light woes, please help!

Post by AndyT62 »

do the airbag and seat occupancy test lights both come on when you switch the ignition on and do they go off after completing the self tests?
If so then you might be looking a bit to deep into this. Are the fault codes old stored codes perhaps ?
My car had the passenger seat occupancy light on fixed by fitting an emulator and the airbag light wasn't coming on.
Some joker had removed the bulb! Replaced the bulb and cleared the fault codes and both have been sound ever since.
Hope you've fixed your problem anyway.
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