All RHD S54 Z3m Roadsters - Full Specifications by VIN

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All RHD S54 Z3m Roadsters - Full Specifications by VIN

Post by Jonttt » Mon 07 May, 2012 16:27

As we know the RHD S54 version of the Z3m roadster is one of the rarest BMW's ever made (73 cars) :D

Attempts have been made to collate data on all 73 cars over the years and some information has even been provided by BMW UK (which did not reconcile fully with known data and so presumably had some human error) - see this thread :

However, I've now been able to extract all of the data directly from BMW's own online webETK and so this should be the definative list of all 73 cars showing the full factory specification including options by VIN.

My summary and individual printout by VIN can be downloaded from here:

RHD S54 Z3m BMW webETK Database Vehicle Specifications Summary & Detail by VIN - Jonttt May 2012

Some interesting facts:

- slight difference in the split of colours from the spreadsheet provided by BMW previously. This is preumably down to human error when they compiled the spreadsheet ? The difference to the new summary are external colours - Estoril Blue x22 (previously x21) & Saphire Black x12 (previously x13); internal colours Black/Estoril x19 (previously x18) & Black/Kiwi x4 (previously x6) & Black/Black x30 (previously x29)

- x6 development car with x2 of these specced for Australia (the first 6 cars produced LB64000 to LB64005 between 25/04/2000 and 15/11/2000). The first 2 cars did not have Dynamic Stability Control fitted.

- x4 press cars (the first 3 cars produced after the development cars (LB64006 to LB64008) and a later 2002 car (LB64108)

- x3 Cars where not specced for Great Britain - 2 developement cars LB64000 and LB64002 (both Australia spec) and a later car LB64103 (unknown spec). All had klm speedos.

So this raises the real probability that x3 of the cars where never delivered to the UK and the remaining x4 development cars where never sold to the public ? This means that potentially only x66 cars where ever sold in the UK

- The next to last car produced has an unknown code "S995A - Dummy SALAPA". This may be a car reserved by BMW and not sold to the public ?


- a forum member has confirmed that he test drove one of the development cars being offered for sale through the dealer network (LB64005) so this confirms that some, maybe all of the development cars were offered for sale but probably not the x2 Australian Specced cars in the UK.

- the current owner of the next to last car produced on the list was told it was a BMW prepared show car before being sold on through the BMW network (see more below)

- the full BMW options list shows the SALAPA Code descriptions as follows:

S991A has two definitions "co-ordination on pre series" and "Pre series Steering". The first one makes perfect sense as it applies to all 6 development cars.

S986A "dealine check" again makes perfect sense as it applies to the 3 original press cars. I guess as BMW know these are the cars which be photograped the most and shown in every car publication around the world they want to make extra sure the panel lines are spot on. Alfie's should have perfect panel gaps

S995A "change ban" applies to the next to last car made and makes sense to what the owner was told re this being a show car ie not allowing anyone to change the spec. It makes me thing even more that BMW had something in mind for this car but ultimately it got sold to the public through the dealer network.

I have updated the Summary sheet to reflect these new descriptions.

This thread is locked to preserve it for information only.

Comments / queries / observations should be raised on the original Census thread:

Some Stats:

External Colours
303 Cosmos Black Metallic x1 (1.4%)
335 Estoril Blue Metallic x22 (30.1%)
354 Titanium Silver Metallic x15 (20.5%)
400 Steel Gey Metallic x3 (4.1%)
405 Imola Red 2 x4 (5.5%)
430 Oxford Green 2 Metallic x3 (4.1%)
445 Pheonix Yellow Metallic x11 (15.1%)
448 Laguna Seca Blue x2 (2.7%)
475 Saphire Black Metallic x12 (16.4%)

Internal Colours
Q6ES Black / Estoril Blue x19 (26.0%)
Q6IM Black / Imola Red x14 (19.2%)
Q6LS Black /Laguna Seca Blue x3 (4.1%)
Q6OV Black / Kiwi x4 (5.5%)
Q6SW Black / Black x30 (41.1%)
Q6TT Black / Grey x3 (4.1%)

Options Fitted
Side Airbags x33 (45.2%)
Chrome Line Exterior x7 (9.6%)
Green Tinted Upper Windscreen x28 (38.4%)
Softtop Black x46 (63%)
Softtop Red x3 (4.1%)
Softtop Blue x24 (32.9%)
Cruise Control x31 (42.5%)
Business CD Radio x15 (20.5%)
Business Radio Cassette x46 (63%)
Professional Radio Cassette x10 (13.7%)
No Radio fitted x2 (2.7%)
Boot CD Changer x26 (35.6%)
Harman Kardon HiFi System x47 (64.4%)
HiFi Speaker System x8 (11.0%)
Hardtop x13 (17.8%)
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