Dash warning lights

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Dash warning lights

Post by johnwayne » Thu 21 Sep, 2017 11:34

Hi, 3 warning lights have appeared on my sons Z3M S54 all at the same time. Nothing obvious and all systems appear o/k.
Strange why all 3 came on at the same time - any help will be appreciated

1.Traction control monitor
2.Tyre pressure monitor
3.Brake pad monitor

All pads and sensor wires appear to be o/k

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Re: Dash warning lights

Post by Robert T » Thu 21 Sep, 2017 13:42

First two are likely related, as I believe the Z3 tyre pressure monitoring system uses the wheel rotation sensors, as does the DSC. It is common to see the ABS light at the same time, so I'd query whether it was the brake wear light or the ABS light. Getting it plugged into diagnostics will confirm what the car thinks is wrong and if it is indeed a wheel rotation sensor, the it will tell you which wheel.

Cheers R.

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