Emissions Air Pump Tube (11721404626) for less than £10

For the M Powered Z3 derivatives

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Emissions Air Pump Tube (11721404626) for less than £10

Post by pingu » Sun 08 Jul, 2018 20:39

S50 Engines only

The tube goes from the air filter box to the emissions pump. If the hose fails it can be replaced for less than £10, not the £100 that BMW want.

ECS Tuning - their price is usually very close to the BMW price.

The original pipe...

The repaired pipe...

Use 28mm radiator hose (500mm length found on eBay for £4), some jubilee hose clips and a 28mm copper elbow from B+Q (£2.13).

The removal and refit is a bit of a faff, but the best way to do the job should be obvious to anyone who attempts it.

Hopefully, this post will help you save some dosh that can be used on Shell Nitro+:thumbsup:

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