Z3M Service Intervals

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Z3M Service Intervals

Post by drummachine » Thu 14 Mar, 2019 12:14

Hi All

I have a 99 Z3M - 60k miles.

Its been in storage off the road for the last 18 months on trickle charge but I've been starting it and running it round the block every month or so.

It was last serviced in 2016 but has only done 800 miles since. The service light still isn't on.

I had the air filter, engine oil, gearbox oil and spark plugs replaced last year as a precaution so will be doing another oil change this year regardless.

Question is, what are the service intervals normally? And what would other people advise for maintenance while its in storage?

I have a Z4M as a weekend toy now, so the Z3M will be used sparingly and cherished.


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Re: Z3M Service Intervals

Post by Gazza » Fri 15 Mar, 2019 18:45

I would change the oil yearly if you do small miles.

Mine hasn’t turned a wheel for nearly a year :bawl:

The Z4MC is getting used daily :D

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