Hi, a few questions

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martin w jones
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Hi, a few questions

Post by martin w jones » Thu 22 Mar, 2018 22:09

Posted on behalf of a new member who sent me an email - Gazza

I am a new member having recently bought a 2007 z4 2.0 . really
enjoying the car but the run flats are noisy and hard.
am told a lot of members change to standard tyres ?? if so what is
the tyre of choice --are there any major disadvantages?
other than puncture problems.

second question--------
I am tall at 6ft 3 and whilst I can fit in ok it would be a lot better
if I could get another 2/3 inches of leg room ------------has any body ever
moved the clutch pedal forward-- there seems to be a lot of travel and
space beyond ?

would really appreciate you guidance or pointing me to someone in the
right direction.

many thanks best regards martin w-jones

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Re: Hi, a few questions

Post by Gazza » Thu 22 Mar, 2018 22:13

Regarding the runflats, we have a 335i convertible and changed the runflats to Uniroyal Rainsport 3

The change was like driving a different car, much better feel and confidence.

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Re: Hi, a few questions

Post by Southernboy » Mon 26 Mar, 2018 10:29

Your choices to get a couple of inches are limited to having a professional relocate the mounting studs (front) and threaded bolt holes (rear) to which the seat base rails are fixed.
Alternately, you can check the current position of the holes in the seat slides and see if there's a couple of inches to be gained by relocating those holes which will still allow access to fit the rear bolts in particular. The nuts at the front are easy enough, it's the rear bolts which may prove a little tricky.
Worth looking though.
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martin w jones
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Re: Hi, a few questions

Post by martin w jones » Thu 29 Mar, 2018 22:43

Hi gazza
took your advice and after some research changed to the Uniroyal rainsport 3 ,s
instant improvement in smoothness of ride, less noise and no tram line effect.
Shame that she now feels like an ordinary small saloon!!-- well not really!

thanks martin wjones

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