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2.5 CCV Refresh

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Set about replacing the CCV hoses and separator unit that lives under the inlet manifold, armed with my replacement kit purchased on ebay for £24 I set about stripping out the old hoses, what a pain those turned out to be getting them unclipped and pulled off. Managed to disconnect all the hoses top side after much faffing about. I did manage to strip out the throttle body and idle control valve after pulling the intake hoses off and out. Managed eventually to wiggle the separator unit out without breaking it but there was no way the replacement was going to go back in and connect the hoses to it. Bit the bullet and pulled the manifold off turned it over and managed after much more faffing about to get the hoses clipped into place. Manifold reinstalled as were the throttle body, noticed that the idle control valve wasn't rattling when shaken so gave that a good clean out with carb cleaner. That solved it and it now rattles nicely when shaken. Put everything back together and doubled checked all electrical connections were plugged back in. Started the car then reset the throttle just in case I had moved the butterfy when cleaning the throttle body. Car off sit in car depress throttle pedal to floor and hold it there, switch on ignition without starting the car and count to 15, switch off then release the throttle pedal.
Sprayed some carb cleaner around all the hose connections to check for leaks and didn't find any, once warmed up car idles fine. I will do a smoke test on it when I have time just to make sure there are no leaks.
Having watched all the Youtube videos on doing this job, I thought I was going to breeze through this, how wrong can you be? It was a right royal pain, wonder if oem hoses would have been an easier fit?
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