Window height stop

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Window height stop

Post by Southernboy » Mon 09 Apr, 2018 06:41

I had an issue with the window not stopping at the correct height - you could say it was "over the top"..
The adjustment bolt on the regulator appeared to be missing the "stop fitting" inside the door. The bolt passed below and forward of the little welded in stop plate at the top. All the regulator mounting bolts were tight and in their respective places.
I discovered that the mounting point into which the bolt screws, can be turned, and by rotating it clockwise until the adjustment bolt lines up with the welded in bump stop, it sorts the issue of height adjustment easily.
It is however advisable to subsequently "lock" the bolt mounting so it doesn't drop / rotate out of alignment again. I used a sharp punch to make 3 "lock" points on the circumference of the mounting and the regulator plate. I punched the three points by placing the punch on the line of the two parts and giving a sharp smack with a light hammer. This has made 3 interlocking dents between the two parts. I also applied a few drops of red thread locker to the parts on both outside and inside.
So, anyone with the same issue, you know how to resolve it.
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