Does the Webmaster exist? Is Webmaster Electronic or Human?

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Does the Webmaster exist? Is Webmaster Electronic or Human?

Post by W8KSB » Tue 30 Mar, 2010 12:53

Please help... On Saturday 27th March, I registered under the name 'zopar' but never got the activation code... even after writing to the webmaster. Note, I never have trouble with activation codes and all SPAM is accessible and there is no notification from zroadster in there.

So to test how long it takes for the activation code to come through, I registered again with W8KSB - the activation code came straight away.

Question, how do I activate the 'zopar' account?

Thanks in anticipation.
Zopar ... or should I say W8KSB

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Post by spokey » Tue 30 Mar, 2010 17:28

Computer says ... OK! :wink:
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