MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

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MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

Post by Jay-Dee-ZA »

I know this has been discussed back and forth over the years but I am unable to find any full success stories or answers and am hoping that someone knows or can help

I am about to embark on fitting a Multifunction Steering Wheel to my 1998 Z8 (pre-facelift, single stage airbag & pre-drive by wire throttle). The wheel has come off a E39 also with single stage airbag and is including the slip-ring.

The radio is not going to be an issue (hopefully), as I know this connects directly to pin 7 on the back of my CD43 unit. I know I need to power the buttons for back lighting but what I don't know is the cruise control side of things.

My car does not currently have cruise control, so I will need to retrofit it. This is a simply enough task and parts are almost all available easily off eBay... The question comes in, is the Z3 module compatible with the steering wheel? I know on the E36 side, some of the guys have removed the steering column stalk and only used the buttons but once again, I am not sure of module there. On the E39, it supports both stalk and wheel but I am almost sure this is a different module and I don't know if either of them (E39 or E36) support the Z3 manual throttle cable cruise control

Anyone able to offer some advice?
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Re: MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

Post by Fender2004 »

If you go to and put the part numbers in, it will tell you what cars the parts were used on.
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Re: MFSW Retrofit - Cruise Control Help

Post by bertiejaffa »

I will be honest I have never seen a retro cruise on the Z3 that is controlled from the steering wheel.

Maybe thats because the standard retro cruise control parts work (assuming the parts work) and the jump to then modify it further to use a different "smart" wheel might just be a step to far for people to try.
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