alarm siren battery failure

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alarm siren battery failure

Post by murray » Fri 20 Oct, 2017 15:39

Hi, I was having trouble with alarm going off when unlocking the car, deducted that the built in rechargeable battery was failing, found the alarm under the water washer reservoir front nearside wing, the single retaining nut for the siren was designed to be non removable (sloped castellation) no access to remove nut with pliers, electrical connection difficult to access but removed it ok pressing the side tab releases the clip, the only solution i had was to purchase 2nd hand one ebay £9.80, reconnect the new alarm and just left the new siren in the well supported lightly with strap, of course it did not work when i tried after reconnection, but left it connected overnight to charge and presto it works fine, hope this is of use to anyone with similar problems on the alarm.

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