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Re: Red Z1 for sale

Post by felix »

Looks like the ex-WD car didn't sell.

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Re: Red Z1 for sale

Post by sfh3l »

Felix is indeed correct.

I had cause to research this with my old M3 Sport Evo. The car was a Cat D under the old designations (stolen and recovered before I bought it) and carried that throughout its time with me. I sold it in 2009 and it was exported by the buyer to an excited new owner in Spain. At that time, the UK only shared the 'Category' status on cars like these with Germany, so my Sport Evo became a fresh example of the 600 when it reached Spain, with a mileage but no black marks, hence my £16,000 sale price becoming a reputed €40,000 purchase price in the space of no more than a few weeks...

If anyone in either the UK or Germany ever buys that car, I was told by DVLA at the time that the stolen/recovered tag would return to it when the owner attempted to register. If you had just paid the sort of money that these cars now change hands for, that would be a nasty shock! Then again, the whole thing about cars being crashed or not is a bit silly really. Think of the limited run of 250 GTO's for instance and the number of them that saw extensive action on track in period. The number of those cars that have escaped 50+ years without any accidents must be very slim indeed and yet they are $10M of anyone's money. I don't see people saying, "Ah, nice car, but you know it was stuffed into the barrier at Le Mans in '64, so I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole" - Le Mans history - Oh yes!

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Re: Red Z1 for sale

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BBZ 166 ...

eBay linky


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Re: Red Z1 for sale

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Good price

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