Stainless steel Remus cat back exhaust BMW Z3 1.9 2.8

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Stainless steel Remus cat back exhaust BMW Z3 1.9 2.8

Post by James Bond » Wed 12 Sep, 2018 23:59

I am selling my stainless steel Remus cat back exhaust tailored for BMW Z3 1.9 (M44) and 2.8 (M52 engine)

Single pipe, 57mm (2.25") diameter, will be good up to 200-200 HP

The exhaust has been purchased from a manufacturer in Austria back in late 2016 and has done ~ 2500 miles in last two years.

Comes with a TUV / EC certificate (completely road legal)

Recent video I made:

My eBay listing:

It currently retails for about 650 GBP:

Shipping to the UK (and much of Western/Southern/Northern Europe) - 50 GBP (It actually costs more but I will be covering the rest)

It sounds amazing with both M44 (my previous engine) and M50/M52 engines. I am only selling it because I have to move to a dual pipe setup (3.0 engine with ~250+ horsepower)

I am willing to give 10% off eBay price if we do this outside eBay (Wire Transfer or Paypal "gift").

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