Hard starting?

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Hard starting?

Post by bluejay » Thu 31 Jan, 2019 16:47

So over the last year on and off the Z1 decides it doesn't like turning on. Difficult starting with wild statioanry initially, but when it runs it is OK.

This first started when the v-power was changed, added cleaning stuff to the fuel with normal unleaded and it was fine again, but now it started doing it with regular fuel too (unleaded 95).

Discussed this at length and we think it could be due to ethanol content in the fuel, but also possible deteriation of the fuel lines, I read somewhere? Butyl lines don't do very well with ethanol fuels?

So anyone else has observed this?


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Re: Hard starting?

Post by Gazza » Thu 31 Jan, 2019 20:21

Mine turns over fine but like it isn’t getting enough fuel and put put puting into life from cold.

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Re: Hard starting?

Post by blue_and_white » Fri 01 Feb, 2019 07:05

There was a cold start mod for the M20 engine back in the day which basically consisted of a small loom, a relay and a resistor . As I remember, the switching side of the relay connected to the starter motor so when cranking, it would activate the relay. This then was connected to the engine temp switch and when activated, switched in the additional resistor to alter the total resistance of the coolant temp switch hence tricking the ecu into thinking it’s is colder than it actually is therefore a richer cold start. You got a choice of three resistors which I think were around 1000 ohms but I’m really not sure, it was 25 years ago . Wether anyone still makes this mod or could rig one up I’m not sure. Good luck

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