New owner saying hello

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New owner saying hello

Post by steviebe »

Hello all,

Finally got around to owning a Z3. Been thinking about it on and off a few years. After spending the last two years in a diesel Audi TT to liven the drive to work and back I wanted a convertible but didn’t want to commit to another finance deal like the TT.
Enjoying it so far. Roof down most drives home along the M62 , M1 and A1M. I had forgotten how little you feel as you pass huge lorries!
Previous convertible’s I’ve owned were a Mazda MX5 and a Honda S2000. Should never have sold the S2000 but you live and learn…

I’m in a 2000 1.9 model in Silver. It’s done very little mileage the last few years but I’m putting them on now. I got it all checked out before using it daily, engine light is on after it was cleared but been told just to keep using the better high octane fuel for a while.

Drives well. Happy so far!


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Re: New owner saying hello

Post by Gazza »

Welcome Steve

Switch on the heated seats (if fitted) and heater on full on the face vents and you’re good to go topless for a while yet :D

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