Possible Z1 Normandy Run, September 2020???

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Possible Z1 Normandy Run, September 2020???

Post by sfh3l » Sun 05 Jan, 2020 16:35

OK Gang, a very Happy New Year to you all!

I think we may have the bare bones of a potential trip to France next year if you fancy coming along? I've found accommodation that can manage up to 10 couples in the Normandy area and I have already booked crossings, as have Pat Slade, Keith Reid & Rob Norton.

I have accommodation from September 6th 2020 till September 10th, inclusive. That is six nights, split equally between the Ferme De La Ranconniere, near Bayeux and the Chateau Ilse Marie, near Picauville. Both work really well for a Portsmouth Caen crossing, but Caen is not far from Calais if you prefer burrowing instead.....

So - details:

I have confirmed availability for up to 10 couples at the following venues and dates:

Chateau Isle Marie in north western Normandy for the nights of September 5th, 6th and 7th. Close to Picauville.
This is a fabulous looking period property with both Chateau and Manoir rooms and apartments. The host is a starred chef and will cook a table d'hôte menu for us and we could even have the entire property to ourselves if our numbers were great enough. I have communicated with them and they seem very amenable.
Prices for this end of the trip would be variable, depending on precisely what we chose, but, the range is as follows:
Chateau Rooms range from €130 to €160 per night, per room and including breakfast. Big spenders could book suites at €260 if desired, but there are really just two-rooms at no higher standard from what I can see.
Manoir Rooms are arranged in apartments (incl living room and kitchen each), one of which is a double with ensuite at €125 per night including breakfast, then another double (which also has a single bed) with ensuite for €145 a night including breakfast and finally a three room apartment that has two doubles and a further room with a double + single. Pat, Keith and I have booked the latter apartment, which has three rooms and leaves the rest of the property free for further Zedophiles.
As the website shows, this property is well located for the western end of Normandy and looks stunning...
Nicola, the chef and host will do a three course table d'hôte for €40 a head in the evening.

For the nights of September 8th, 9th 10th we have the Ferme de la Ranconniere, close to Bayeux.
This is well reviewed, both as a hotel and a restaurant and has decent parking and plenty of availability currently for those dates.
The hotel can offer us Traditional Rooms at €215 a night on a half board basis and €235 a night for Superior Rooms. (Junior Suite at €275).
This hotel is both close to Caen and great for Bayeux and the eastern Normandy Landings beaches plus Honfleur.

Crossings from Portsmouth to Caen and back will come in at around £190-£200 per vehicle. (I have a discount code that enables a 10% discount, so please let me know when it comes to booking time as it will save you some cash). There is an outward crossing at around 8:30 AM from Portsmouth that plods in a leisurely way to arrive Caen-Ouistreham at around 3PM local time. Gives time for lunch and a nap on the boat and Picauville is not more than an hour from the port. Return crossings are also available at around 8AM, but we may prefer to take the afternoon one instead? The latter still gets back to Portsmouth by 9 ish, because the time difference works with rather than against when travelling that way.

The area is pretty and accessible. We have the prospect of the Normandy Landings beaches and their museums and memorials, as well as many small seaside towns, Honfleur and even a trip down to Brittany if we so wish - places like Dinan and the like. Once we have a better idea of how many of you wish to attend, we can work out firmer itineraries or simply options for this to do, if you prefer a more free-flowing approach to your trips.

The idea behind the three nights at one venue and three more at another gives you the flexibility to attend either half of the trip if you wish, thus cutting the cost and indeed the time away. Both properties have the availability we might need and each has a safe car park, with one being off-road in a small village and the other being a country house estate.

We have four cars presently and capacity for up to six more using these properties (the Chateau is the tight one, so we could potentially do more cars/couples for the latter half of the week at Ranconniere). My idea would be that anyone who is interested simply books themselves with the respective properties, but lets me know if they are planning to come, so that we know who's who (I can provide contacts, or they are available through the respective websites - bet let them know you are with our party too). Each property requires a credit card to reserve, but doesn't actually take any money, while Brittany Ferries take a portion of the total fare at booking, with the balance closer to time of travel.

It's a while since we managed a trip away with the Zetties, so if you fancy being part of this and can spare the time in September, why not come along? The more the merrier, but first come, first served on the accommodation front...

My best wishes to one and all,

Best regards,

Sam Lever.

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